Larisa is a dynamic and proactive attorney with a profound understanding of constitutional law, tax law, and public procurement. This expertise empowers her to approach complex criminal law matters with innovation and judicious insight. Her professional background encompasses tax litigation, disputes arising from public procurement contracts, and criminal case management.

During her academic tenure at the University of Bucharest Law School, Larisa distinguished herself as an ambitious and astute student. She demonstrated exceptional skills in understanding complex legal concepts, academic writing, and debating, supported by a strong knowledge foundation. Larisa notably represented the University of Bucharest at the prestigious Hexagon of Law Schools, securing consecutive IInd and Ist prizes.

After completing her LL.B. in law, Larisa pursued further specialization through enrollment in the Master’s Programme in Public Procurement, Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships at the same university. Additionally, she completed a postgraduate program in Business Tax Law at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

Currently, Larisa is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bucharest Law School. Simultaneously, she serves as a teaching assistant in Constitutional Law and Political Institutions and Legal Methodology. Larisa passionately invests her time, presentation skills, and interdisciplinary knowledge in the training of future legal practitioners.