Ports & Infrastructure 

Major infrastructure projects require counsel with varied and in-depth expertise. The Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu ports & infrastructure group has on-going involvement in some of the most challenging and innovative public infrastructure projects in Romania, and our extensive background makes the firm a leader in the areas of public-private partnerships and infrastructure development and finance.

We have extensive expertise in the ports, terminals and logistics corridor sector across the Black Sea and the Danube, related to infrastructure, regulatory framework for port operations, port management bodies, relationships between port and terminal users and operators, and the European port services legal environment.  Our expertise in involvement refers to various port, maritime and river infrastructures, government and authority related issues, concessions, lease and licensing of such infrastructure and port developments.

Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu offers legal assistance in a variety of development, financing, and acquisition/divestiture projects utilizing different combinations of design, building, finance, operational and maintenance models.

We represent leading project sponsors, lenders, equipment suppliers, infrastructure funds, and public sector entities with respect to highways and roads (public and tolled), transit, hospitals, other public facilities (including maritime and sport facilities), as well as power production facilities.

Ports & Infrastructure team:

Lucian DanilescuLucian Danilescu