Criminal Compliance 

Knowing that most clients prefer to arrange their affairs to avoid litigation or regulatory scrutiny, at Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu we frequently and comprehensively support our clients' compliance functions. If a client is not yet facing a crisis situation and wants to keep this so, then we help clients to develop policies, programs and controls that meet and exceed the latest standards set by legislators and regulators.

At Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu we are highly experienced in the development and management of programs compliant with securities, competition, energy, environmental, financial services regulatory and tax legislation in Romania.

In collaboration with our clients' legal and operations teams, we develop and lead compliance training for employees and executives. These services often include audits of existing procedures or policies, conducting seminars to educate staff on compliance pitfalls common in their industry, and advising with respect to document management policies.

Criminal Compliance team:

Mihai MaresMihai Mares
managing partner

Dan LupascuDan Lupascu
of counsel