Pro Bono 

Although it is rare among law firms in Romania, or even in South-East Europe, pro bono work is a fundamental part of Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu activities. We are among one of the first Romanian firms to establish an in-house pro bono practice and we view pro bono clients as clients of the Firm. No distinction is made between hours spent on pro bono work or on other client matters.

Our pro bono practice has always been about access to justice for all. We act for low income people who cannot defend their own interests, for the NGOs and NPOs which support them, and for small and medium sized businesses who have no other options for help.

Mares / Danilescu / Mares in association with Dan Lupascu partners supervise, give training, and mentor on all pro bono matters. As a result, we focus on our clients' needs; collaborate with the legal assistance sector and other pro bono colleagues; and have pro bono work as a part of each of our lawyers' everyday practice.

If you need pro bono assistance, please contact us.