Mihai Mareș – Guest Lecturer in the Criminal Law Master Program at the Moldova State University Law School

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Mihai Mareș – Guest Lecturer in the Criminal Law Master Program at the Moldova State University Law School

Bucharest, September 28th 2021 – Mareș & Mareș announced that Mihai Mareș is the new guest lecturer in the criminal law master program at the Moldova State University Law School, as part of the partnership with this institution concluded a few months ago. The partnership aims at facilitating the master students experience exchange with the firm’s lawyers, as well as supporting their initiation in the aspects related to the Romanian criminal law. Thus, Mihai Mareș will hold seminars on topics related to economic crime, such as money laundering, tax evasion, fraudulent bankruptcy, organized criminal groups, embezzlement, cybercrime, fraud etc.

I am honoured by the invitation to support the educational act of the master students in criminal law at the Moldova State University and I look forward to sharing with them both in-depth theoretical notions and practical situations and hypotheses that I[ve come across during my experience as a white collar crime lawyer“, said Mihai Mareș, founding partner of Mareș & Mareș.

The Moldova State University Law School is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova, known as an elite academic body in the field of education, science and research. The cohesion between the team of professional and scientific teachers and students is highly praised, especially given their common goal: to contribute to the reform of the legal field, to the stability of democracy and to ensure the rule of law throughout the country.

Ranked first in terms of training highly qualified legal professionals and developing the field of law, the Law School is a well-known source of reform ideas aimed at building the rule of law and supporting a democratic society. Most of the law school professors have completed internships in prestigious universities in Western Europe and the USA, and a good part of them have completed their master’s or doctoral studies in university institutions in Romania, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany.


About Mareș & Mareș:

Mareș & Mareș is a leading criminal law firm specialized in white-collar criminality, with a secondary focus on civil litigation. The firm provides outstanding services to a diverse client portfolio, including multinational and local companies, senior management, high-profile politicians, entrepreneurs, both in Romania and abroad. The firm covers all areas of criminal law connected with anti-bribery and corruption, money laundering, bankruptcy, embezzlement, tax fraud, organized crime groups and investigations, as well as the subsequent related areas of civil litigation and asset recovery. Established in 2006, Mareș & Mareș has evolved constantly, becoming a market leader in the field of white-collar crime and having formed a new generation of talented lawyers in this area.

In order to keep updated with the latest trends in the business law and white-collar crime globally and thus add value to their services, the firm has joined several high-profile associations: The ROXIN Alliance (member of the World Bank’s Global Forum for Law, Justice and Development), The American Bar Association, The European Criminal Bar Association, The International Bar Association, Global Criminal Law Counsel (GCLC). 

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