Extradition & Transnational Crime 

The Mares / Danilescu / Mares transnational crime practice draws from the extensive experience of its members to respond to the increasing number of individuals and organizations that are forced to deal with cross-border related matters. Fraud is a growing and costly problem for financial institutions and individuals alike not only in Romania but across the region and internationally. Our litigators, specialized in fraud cases, coupled with a select multi-disciplinary team, provide advice and pro-actively assist organizations with prevention, detection and recovery.

Mares / Danilescu / Mares can help the clients fight extradition or work with foreign authorities to negotiate the terms of any surrender and ultimate resolution. Our lawyers can assist you in any county in Romania and even outside Romania. If necessary, Mares / Danilescu / Mares can assist the clients in retaining counsel in the foreign jurisdiction and work with those lawyers in furtherance of the case.

Extradition & Transnational Crime team:

Mihai MaresMihai Mares
managing partner

Dan LupascuDan Lupascu
of counsel